Get Rid Of Your Toothache In 5 Minutes With This Home Remedy

Toothache often comes suddenly and brings strong pain. There is an excellent home remedy, which acts like antiseptic and anesthetic, which will set you free of your toothache in moments.

Clove is a spice with sweet taste that has many medicinal properties. It contains eugenol, which is a powerful anesthetic and antiseptic that will stop the pain, but also will cleanse your mouth and will remove bad breath.

There are three ways you need to know to get rid of your toothache using cloves:

 1. Powdered Cloves

You’ll need to rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Grab a pinch of cloves and apply it on the palate of the tooth that hurts.  Now all you need to do is to wait a little and the cloves will demonstrate its power.

2. Whole Cloves

First thing you need to do is to rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Put two or three cloves in your mouth, near the area that hurts and wait a little bit until the cloves are soften. When they are softened, masticate them easily (as long as your toothache allows), and then cloves will release their medicinal oils.

3. Cloves Oil

This is one of the most effectual ways to use cloves against toothache. All you need is: cloves oil, ear buds and half a tablespoon of olive oil.

This is what you need to do: use warm salted water for rinsing your mouth, which will prepare the palate easier to absorb the oil. Mix half a tablespoon of olive oil with a few drops of cloves oil. Apply the medication to the area where you feel pain using ear bud. Apply it with several easy touches.

You still need to visit the dentist because this is just a quick and temporary way to get rid of the pain. Clean your teeth and eat less salty and sweet foods.