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6 Very Simple & Easy Homemade Tips To Remove Skin Tags At Home

The title may sound familiar to many laymen like skin tattoos, but skin tags are something entirely different altogether. In fact, they are very much a part of your own body and need to be discarded medically. So, read the rest of the article to know the tips to remove skin tags. To get rid of these unwanted dermal growths on your body, you need to know what skin tags are, in the first place. These skin tags are actually small growths or developments which appear on the skin surface, in a fold area.
These dermal developments on your body are also known by other names such as acrochordons and cutaneous papilloma. These skin tags can be found in people of all ages, although they are more common in the elderly folks. However, with the advent of the middle age, you can be sure of getting these skin tags.  But if the prevalent conditions exist, they can be sure to occur in younger people too.

Regions where they occur the most

The skin tags occur the most at the neck and areas of the underarms. These dermal growths are also bound to be prominent under the breasts and skin fold areas. They can also appear at the groin area as skinny growths which are like small flaps. If you get a skin tag on the eyelid, make sure to have it checked by a renowned eye specialist. The skinny growths are mostly brown or flesh colors which come as big as well as miniscule sizes.

People who have skin tags

Expectant ladies often get these skin tags as during the pregnancy period, they undergo a lot of hormonal changes. Obese and generally more overweight people tend to have the tags in the skin because they have a lot of skin folds as compared to the individuals who are skinny or slim. The diabetic patients are also faced with the possibility of developing tags on the skin.

Removing skin tags

Having any kind of unwanted skin growths is not at all desirable.  If these dermal outgrowths are large and on the prominent areas of the skin, they cause no end of mortification. So take a look at the tips to remove skin tags.

Lemon Juice:
The citric acid in lemon juice removes the dead cells. Dip a cotton ball in lemon juice and apply it over the tag. Wash it off after some time. Do this twice or thrice a week. In 2-3 weeks, you will notice that the skin tag is slowly decomposing.

Castor Oil:
Mix a little castor oil with baking powder to form a paste. It can be very sticky. Keep repeating the process for two to four weeks, and you will notice the skin tag disappearing slowly.

Home treatment with tea tree oil:
You don’t have to visit a doctor for removing skin tags if you know some of the home treatments. Get the tea tree oil from one of the medical shops.  Now wash the affected area of your skin with clean water and soap before massaging it with that oil. Use it frequently so that the skin tag is completely gone.

4.  Treatment with apple cider vinegar : It can also prove to be very effective in removing these pesky dermal lesions. Let us see how it works. Place the cider vinegar on the direct area of the skin tag and rub directly for some time. Make sure that the cider vinegar is being seeped into the skin tag while it is being rubbed. So, repeat this procedure for three weeks till you get results for the removal of skin tags.

5.  Blend baking soda and castor oil to make a kind of paste for eliminating the skin tags. Apply on the skin tag afflicted area but once done, don’t touch the skin lesion for getting the perfect result.

6.  It sounds comical but you can even use nail polish to remove the tags on your skin. Apply the nail polish on your skin tags. The polish has a drying effect if done thrice a day. After some time, you will find that the skin tags are falling out.

Laser surgery:

If you are really beauty conscious, hate scarring and are prepared to spend big bucks, this method is of laser surgery is definitely meant for you. The skin tag is taken out by utilizing a small laser. Although the treatment is totally effective,

it may cause some pains. However you can easily ease out the pain by using a bit of an antibiotic ointment. It is better to be cautious about some burning and swelling beforehand, with the laser surgery.

Cutting method of removal:

Unless your facial skin or neck has a skin tag, this method also can work for you. The surgeon uses a knife or a scalpel to cut away the lesion from the rest of the body. It may leave a minor scar and can be a little painful. But if you have the skin lesion on your face or neck, it is a wise move not to opt for this type of skin tag removal method

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