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4 Herbal Recipes For Successful Treatment Of Capillaries And Veins!

Many women suffer from painful and swollen legs, cracked capillaries, and varicose veins. Although these conditions are aesthetic problem they are also a sign that the blood vessels are weakening under the influence of external factors as well as internal.

It can’t be determined accurately what causes these conditions. This problem is similar to cellulite; the reasons are different in every woman. Furthermore I don’t know a woman who doesn’t have problem with cracked capillaries on legs. I suffered from that problem for 20 years. I ‘ve noticed that they do not appear quickly but they ‘ve spread  considerably in previous 3 months as a result of standing for longer period of time and wearing uncomfortable flip-flops.

Varicose veins can appear as a result of sitting, standing and uncomfortable shoes with too low or too high heels. Pregnancy can also be the reason. In my case, they appear throughout the second pregnancy when I needed to spend more time in bed, resting. Nutrition is also very important so consume plenty of vitamin C and animal proteins to stop the weakening of the vein walls.

Avoid trans fatty acids and sugar as they may cause many  inflammations which have negative impact on capillary walls. Further in the text you can read about several tips to reduce your problem.
A very useful plant which can be seen as decorative tree in the parks,Horse Chestnut, is quite beneficial in solving your problem naturally. Continue with reading.

Here are 4 recipes for treating capillaries and veins:


  • 10 horse chestnut fruits, without the peel
  • 1/2 l of homemade brandy


After peeling and chopping the chestnuts place them in a jar. Pour brandy over the chestnuts. Close the jar tightly and place it in a warm (not too warm) place for 3 weeks. From time to time stir and after 3 weeks strain the mixture through gauze. Then put the medicine in a dark bottle. Use this medicine in combination with marigold ointment for external use.



  • 12 horse chestnut fruits, with peel
  • 2-3 dl of homemade brandy


In order to chop the chestnuts use meat mallet or tongs. Pour brandy over the previously placed chestnuts in a jar. Close the jar and place it in a warm place for 6 weeks. Stir from time to time. After 6 weeks strain it and place it in a dark bottle. Put several drops in water and tea and consume it. In order not to irritate your stomach consume it after a meal.If you have sensitive stomach avoid it. I use this extract every day within a tea.



  • 5 tsp. of lanolin
  • 2 teaspoons of chestnut extract
  • 2 teaspoons of chestnut tincture
  • 3 tablespoons of macerate, St. John’s wort or marigold
  • 2 g of beeswax


Find a high and narrow bowl and put the lanolin in it. Until you obtain an even mixture, add a half of teaspoon of the tincture and the extract slowly and stir. You will need more time to prepare this recipe so be patient. After melting the wax at a very low temperature add it into the mixture. Heat and stir again until the mixture is even. When the balm is ready place it in appropriate container, let it to cool and then close it.

Apply a thin layer and make a gentle massage towards the heart on the affected area. The balm should be kept at room temperature.



  • 40 ml of chestnut tincture
  • 40 ml of chestnut extract
  • 10 drops of essential rosemary oil – for better circulation


All the ingredients should be placed in a spray bottle and shaken well.

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