Friday, April 29, 2016

Dandelion Roots Extract: An Effective Method Against Cancer Treatment

When someone is diagnose with a cancer, normally there are dangerous treatment offered by doctors. You may go through treatment like radiation therapy, chemotherapy, or surgery. Sometime these treatments are worst as compare cure.
Medical always use these methods to treat people, but what makes it bad? One of the rick is to expose your body to these treatment which can give you cure, but will leave you with medicine for rest of your life.


Department of chemistry at university of Windsor has done a research on pancreatic cancer. The research focus upon effects of dandelion roots, and the results they come up with were amazing.

In those results dandelion root extract induce apoptosis in cancer cells. They cause mitochondrial membrane collapse in cell, which led towards cell pro-death autophagy.

When organism cell are infected by a virus that led towards cell death. Death of cell is a part of its life, and it is important to free room for new cells with the death of old cells.

Autophagy is a process in which a cell starves to death. It is process of cellular degradation of cells when they try to function without nutrients.

This study also found that further research should be done on dandelion root extract for finding if it can be used to treat cancer. This treatment is affective because scientists can kill select cancerous cell without harming good ones.

In simple words, this root extract is a weapon against cancerous cells with harming the heath. You don’t have to go through that difficult treatment because modern research has made things possible for you.

There are still few things left, and dandelion root treatment is not completely developed. You should consult doctor before taking any step towards this treatment.
At the moment, all you can do is consolidate root extract in your diet.

How can you do that? With a simple recipe



  • Organic Dandelion – one fresh batch
  • Water


One thing you keep in consideration. Never to sue dandelion roots from sources that are not authentic. You may drink bad quality roots, so it is recommended to look careful before buying.

Chop dandelion roots and then boil with water. Let it boil for a minute and remove from heat. Cover it and simmer it for 40 minutes.

Pour in a teacup and enjoy!

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