Thursday, February 18, 2016

10 Amazing Health Benefits Of Apple Cider Vinegar

The apple cider vinegar is rich with minerals, it is organic and unfiltered. Its use in medicine dates from 400 BC, where the father of medicine, Hippocrates, used to treat his patients. Although there is not much scientific evidence for its efficacy is still considered a valuable remedy for diseases such as diabetes and osteoarthritis.

1.Reduces glucose

The apple cider vinegar contains acetic acid, which can slow the digestion of starch, with a decline in the level of glucose in the bloodstream.

2.Reduces bad cholesterol

The presence of pectin in apple cider vinegar helps reduce the bad cholesterol in the body. Individuals who are allergic to pectin should avoid apple cider vinegar.

3.Contains minerals

Potassium, magnesium and other minerals are present in the content of apple vinegar. Potassium controls water balance in the body and maintains healthy heart rhythm. Magnesium is a catalyst in enzyme activity, helping digestion and helps calcium in forming healthy bones.

4.Helps osteoarthritis

Osteoarthritis is a disease in which acid crystal growths are building up on the body, apple cider vinegar can make these growths to disappear by balancing the pH in the body, says Dr. Deforest Clinton Jarvis in his book “people medicine”. There is still no substantial scientific proof of this assertion, but the list of Dr. Jarvis has successful improvements in cases of patients with osteoarthritis who were under his care with apple cider vinegar.

5.Antioxidant activity

The apple vinegar contains beta-carotene, it has antioxidant properties that act on the damage caused by free radicals and strengthens the immune system.

6.Antifungal properties

The fungus Malassezia furfur, what causes dandruff, is eradicated by the antifungal properties of apple vinegar. The solution is 50 % water and 50 % apple cider vinegar should be applied to the head and left to dry without rinsing, so that dandruff is gone.


Anti-inflammatory properties of apple vinegar, act well in calming the effects of skin burns, so you just need to add it in the bathroom. It can also help in internal inflammation, in the gastrointestinal tract when added to salads.


By setting the balance of blood sugar, apple cider vinegar also helps in weight loss because insulin does not directly allow sugars to be stored as fat, says Dr. Carol Johnston nutritionist at Arizona State University.

9.Toning the skin

The apple cider vinegar is great for the beach, helps with toning the skin, especially the face and neck. Avoid eye contact, because it may cause irritation.

10.Fungal infections

The apple vinegar reduces fungal infections in women by adding 2 spoons of vinegar in the shower. Near all women react positively to this drug, and it should be taken with caution.

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