Thursday, September 15, 2016

Stop Migraine Instantly With Ginger And Lemon

We bring you a ginger and lemon tea recipe that can ease migraine pain, for those who suffer from migraines, and can stop the emergence of new headaches and its unpleasant symptoms.

Not only does ginger helps you get rid of headaches, it’s also effective in combating nausea which usually occurs along with migraines.


In 2.5 dl of boiling water add a small spoonful of dry ginger powder, and allow it to cool slightly, and than add the lemon juice(half a lemon). Consume it while it’s still lukewarm.

In order to stop the next attack or postpone it as much as possible, you should drink lemon and ginger tea for only a few days (3-4 cups a day), and it’s useful to drink it in the period when symptoms of the migraine are not expressed.

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