Mix The Horseradish And Vinegar, Wait Five Days: This Remedie Will Save You!

Forget about pharmaceuticals because 2 cheap and natural ingredient dealt you the worst sinus pain and headaches!

The first strong winds and cold days are returning to torment all those who suffer from frequent sinusitis. Headaches are obliged companion of sinusitis, in which often do not help even the most powerful drugs. Therefore it is better to turn to natural methods to relieve the pain, but the dosing of chemical products. A good ally in this fight is – angry and strong horseradish.

Preparation of the mixture:

It is recommended to get fresh grated horseradish and pour with wine vinegar, then put in half-liter bottle and seal.

The mixture hold ten days at room temperature with occasional shaking.

When this period expires, several times throughout the day across the open neck of the bottle inhale the mixture for five minutes.

With the same liquid soak the fabric and hold it at night at the head or back of the head.

The treatment takes five days, which is enough this mad, and a strong smell of horseradish in vinegar resolve sinusitis and unpleasant headache.