Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hazelnuts – Amazing Health Benefits And Nutritional Facts

Do you remember when was the last time you ate hazelnuts? Have you ever wondered why this nut is so popular ingredient used in numerous sweet recipes? If these questions made you think for a second, we recommend you read the following article.

Hazelnut grows on a bush reaching a height up to 8 meters. It has egg-shaped leaves, and its fruits grow in a cluster of few hazelnuts.

Hazelnut is one of the food products which is practically the protector of Christmas feasts, same as walnut, and many Balkan families still collect large amounts of hazelnuts and store it for further use during the whole winter.

Nutritional Facts of Hazelnuts

Let’s have a brief look on the nutritional value hazelnuts have. 100g hazelnuts have estimated energy value of 628 kcal -- 61% fat, 17% carbohydrates and 15% protein.

Minerals: calcium (114mg), magnesium (163mg), phosphorus (290 mg), iron (4,7 mg), zinc (2,5 mg), copper (1,8 mg), manganese (6 mg) and selenium (2,4 mcg);

Vitamins: vitamin C (6,3 mg), thiamine (0,6 mg), riboflavin (0,1 mg), niacin (1,8 mg), pantothenic acid (1 mg), vitamin B6 (o,5 mg), choline (45,6 mg), betaine (0,4 mg), vitamin E (15 mg), folic acid (68 mcg) and vitamin K (14 mg).

Health Benefits of Hazelnuts

You most probably know that hazelnuts provide a large number of benefits for your health. As we already explained, hazelnuts are rich in many vitamins and minerals necessary for your overall health.

Scientists explain how 30-60 g of hazelnuts is the optimal dose you should consume daily, in order to use the maximum of their healing properties.

Hazelnut has proven effect on slowing the aging process, and reducing the risk of numerous malignant diseases. Regular consumption of hazelnuts helps in reducing blood cholesterol and triglycerides level, regulates blood pressure and heart function, and also reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke.

Scientists explain that amino acids found in hazelnuts have powerful anti-inflammatory effect, and also a powerful inhibitory mechanism against malignant cells.

Scientists add that hazelnuts especially provide protection against breast and prostate cancer. Hazelnuts reduce the risk of diabetes, and they can also be part of the diabetics’ menu.

What is interesting is the fact that hazelnuts are used in the production of amazingly healthy hazelnut flour and oil.

In addition to this, hazelnut oil can also be used in massage treatments for both older people and children, because it provides an excellent therapeutic effect on your organism in general.

Hazelnuts are considered as easily available food product. Its prices can vary in different parts of the world. You can buy hazelnuts in almost every market, and you better add this gift of nature to your shopping list.

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