5 Ways To Eliminate Bad Foot Odor Immediately

Nothing is more noticeable or embarrassing than bad foot odor. Not only does the stench pack a wallop; it spreads like wildfire.  Bad foot odor ruins socks, favorite pairs of shoes, and if it’s really bad, relationships.  The worst part about Bad foot odor is that it can come out of nowhere, and be very hard to get rid of.

So, to make sure that you never have to make up an excuse as to why you can’t take off your shoes, this article will teach you 5 easy ways to prevent bad foot odor.

What Is Bad Foot Odor?

You might be surprised to learn that every part of the human body sweats, even the feet.  Even when you wear the most comfortable shoes possible, throughout the day your feet will sweat and create moisture in your socks and shoes.

Moisture alone might not be such a bad thing, but, because this moisture is held in a warm dark place where bacteria can grow, like your shoe, it’s definitely something you don’t want.

Stay Dry.

Since moisture is one of the largest contributing factors to bad foot odor, it only makes sense to get rid of it. This tip is not only the most effective; it might also be the easiest to fit into your day.

According to Rebecca Baxt, a board certified dermatologist, simply drying off your feet after a shower can be the difference between walking down the street proud as can be and tip toeing your way out awkward situations that require bare feet.

Always Wear Socks… Except For With Sandals.

Socks do far more than just keep your feet warm.  The fabric used for socks acts a barrier between your feet and the material that makes up your shoes. Additionally, your socks also act as a sponge soaking up the moisture your feet produce throughout the day.

Use Baby Powder.

Fair enough, your feet might not be as smooth as a baby’s bottom. However, if you want to keep your feet from smelling worse then a freshly used diaper, use baby powder, it is excellent at preventing foot odor.  Make sure to sprinkle baby powder (or deodorizing powder) into your shoe before and after each use for best results.

Soak In Tea.

Tea has nearly countless health benefits. One of the most unknown and surprising benefits tea has is its ability to eliminate bad foot odor. By soaking your feet in unflavored and unsweetened iced tea for 20-30 minutes you can remove the awful smell covering your feet.  Before soaking your feet in ice tea make sure to give them a proper scrub to remove dead skin and bacteria.

Your feet don’t have to be a point of embarrassment. With these 5 tips you’ll be able to remove your shoes without having worry about knocking anyone’s socks off with bad foot odor.