Tuesday, March 15, 2016

What will happen to you after years when you are not eating in the morning?

“Breakfast is the most important meal of the day” – Many of you must have heard this. But there are few who really understand this. The depth as to why not to skip breakfast is brought into light in the recent years. Most of them skip breakfast in an effort to lose weight, which is a very bad idea. This can in turn backfire and ruin your health. Many people do not realize the danger they are causing to their bodies by skipping breakfast. Here are a few dangers to list out

High Cholesterol 

Breakfast time is the easiest time to have heart-healthy fibre from whole grain cereals and oats, which helps in lower blood pressure and keeping cholesterol in check. People who skip breakfast tend to eat more food or starve and later nibble on high calorie snacks. Not eating breakfast increases the risk of hypoglycaemia or low blood sugar. This condition can further lead to shakiness, weakness or headaches. Diabetic patients are highly recommended to have healthy breakfast. It even affects your memory, cognition and mood.

Increases the risk of type 2 diabetes and heart attacks 

Women who regularly skip breakfast have a higher risk of getting type 2 diabetes than the women who eat breakfast on regular basis. Men on the other hand who skip breakfast are more likely to experience heart attack and die due to coronary heart disease. Prolonged fasting leads to increase in diastolic and systolic blood pressure. It also raises the blood concentration of triglycerides, fatty acids and LDL cholesterol and decreases the concentration level of HCL cholesterol. It leads to high insulin response when you consume calories later. Having breakfast protects your heart from all these diseases and also helps you to remain active and energetic throughout the day. Skipping breakfast can actually make the weight control more difficult.


Breakfast is the first meal of you day, where you tend to eat after 8 hours. Since you have fasted during sleeping, skipping breakfast adds to this fasting period and increases the blood sugar balance and insulin output. It is the time where your body needs whole wheat fibre and oats which is easily digestible throughout the day. It boosts your metabolism and is very important before you kick start your day.  People who skip breakfast to lose weight find it more difficult to shed their extra calories. It leads to metabolic disorder which further cases fat accumulation. They get cravings all day and they look out for quick-fix. Eating breakfast will keep you full and you will tend to eat in small quantities your next meal. Obesity has its own risks attached to it. It leads to diabetes, infertility and heart disease.

Menstrual irregularities

Metabolism rate of your body isn’t static. It keeps changing and it is important to note that how you feed your body. It is found that women who do not eat their first meal will always experience irregular menstrual cycle. They will not only have painful menses but also irregular bleeds. Such women tend to suffer from constipation as well. Eating breakfast consistently pays off through nutritional and mental health benefits, irrespective of the age group.

Skipping breakfast and restricting on what to eat and what not are two different things. Feeding your body with the first meal of the day is very important. Make sure to give your body the required vitamins, minerals and nutrients to jump start off your day. Eating a wholesome nutritious morning meal will not only save time but keep you active all day. Avoiding this fundamental rule will only make you end up with several disorders after few years. So Eat right and live healthy.

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