Drink This Simple Homemade Drink To Quickly Fall Asleep

Everyone has their own favourites when it comes to drinks. Some of us prefer tea, some prefer coffee, some juices, some lemon water or some just the good old water. However, when it comes to the later half of the day, we tend to make conscious choices. We mostly avoid tea or coffee for it ends up hampering our sleep cycle. There are several ideal evening drinks; but drinking raw honey is definitely not something that most of us would consider. The reason behind this might be the fact that consuming anything sweet before going off to sleep isn’t the best thing to do.

However, the case with raw honey is a lot different than any other drink. This is primarily because raw honey is distinct from others due to its natural arrangement. In fact, several renowned doctors have started prescribing it to be consumed before bedtime. One of those reputed doctors is Dr. Ron Fessenden, MD, who wrote the book titled ‘The Honey Revolution: Restoring the Health of Future Generations.’

According to him, honey is the perfect food that can be consumed several times a day. He has mentioned that it is great for the body when consumed before going to sleep because it is instrumental in providing us with a good night’s sleep. In spite of honey being one of the sweetest nourishments, when had at night, it helps the body with its repairing process that takes place overnight. However, it is imperative for you to make sure that the honey you are consuming is raw and natural. This is because the honey which most supermarkets sell are loaded with GMOs and in most cases are warmed so that a huge portion of the useful mixes present in it are destroyed so that it can be stored for a longer period of time. In case of doubts, it’s best to purchase honey directly from farmers as they are the ones who always keep natural honey.

You must be wondering how raw honey actually plays an instrumental role in improving your sleep quality. In this article, we will tell you in details how it helps in giving you a solid night’s sleep.

How raw honeys helps in improving your sleep quality

Dr. Fessenden has noted that raw honey contains that perfect balance of fructose and glucose that helps in the functionality of the liver which works continuously even if the body is in its resting period. Consumption of honey endows the liver with sufficient supply of liver glycogen during the day. When consumed at night, especially before hitting the bed, honey helps in fuelling the liver during the evening. When clubbed with generous quantity of water, the body gets what its need to start the process of detoxification.

As we mentioned before, honey supplies the body with enough liver glycogen overnight when the body is in its fasting procedure. According to Dr. Fessenden, a grown up livers has about 75 to 100 grams worth of storage capacity for glycogen. This capacity fluctuates between men and women of different body builds. Our body spends about 10 grams of glycogen every hour throughout the day. It’s evident that such levels of consumption of glycogen leave our stores low by the time we are about to go to sleep. Thus, we are left with hardly any liver glycogen that is required for eight hours, which is the average duration of sleep for anybody.

However, if we take a spoonful or two of honey before going to sleep, we will be refueling our livers with glycogen. This eliminates the possibility of our minds getting anxious, which happens very commonly whenever the glycogen level goes low.

Honey also helps in the arrival of melatonin of melatonin in the cerebrum of the brain for it prompts a subtle pike in the insulin levels as well as the arrival of tryptophan in the mind. By adding raw and natural honey to your diet schedule in the evening, you will be endowing your body with an amazing digestive system for the liver gets into the process of breaking down the body’s toxins that stay hidden inside the fat cells.

Other benefits of honey

Honey not only helps us with our sleep at night, it is loaded with several other properties that have been extremely important for our body since a long time. Firstly, we all know that honey doesn’t get spoiled. In fact, researchers have found that honey extracted from Egyptian tombs is still intact even after hundreds of years. It arrests parasitic growth inside the body, is antibacterial, is a great remedy for throat related infections, and is also amazing from athletes.

With so many benefits, you should definitely try to have it in the evening to see how it brings about a positive change in your life. However, do make sure that you purchase raw and natural honey from an agriculturist, farmer or beekeeper nearby.