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8 Things That Will Happen to Your Body if You Drink Almond Milk With Honey Everyday

There are several natural ingredients loaded with unknown benefits that hold the secret to so many of our health problems. Most of the times, we underestimate the power of these foods that quietly lie in our kitchen. How many times do you visit the kitchen to make best use of what’s there in your kitchen? Hardly; right? One of the very useful foods that we must consume on a daily basis is almonds. Not only are they tasty, they are loaded with several benefits that cannot be ignored.

However, you know what’s even better? It is almond milk with honey. Never thought of that, right? But, firstly let’s look at almond milk. Most of us are not even aware of the fact that almond milk is way more beneficial in terms of nutrition that ordinary daily milk. This is because it is richer in nutrients and has not been subjected to any processing methods. What’s better is that even those with lactose intolerance can consume it. Almond milk is an amazing replace for cow milk and has a creamier taste. In this article, we will look at the benefits of almond milk as well as the goodness of it when mixed with honey.

Good for Weight Loss

It is great for those looking at a diet directed towards weight loss or weight management. It is rich in fibre which is extremely important for a healthy digestion. Some of the diet friendly benefits are:

  • It has as low as 60 calories in 8 oz. of almond milk (with no added sugar)
  • Much lower impact that skim milk on your daily calorie intake
  • Low in proteins (only 1 to 2 g per cup)
  • Has no unsaturated fats
  • Comprises only 8 g carbohydrates
  • Comes with a heavy dose of bone-building calcium

Rich in Vitamins

Like traditional dairy products, almond milk is loaded with nutrients and is a rich source of all crucial fat-soluble vitamins. If you are consuming one cup of plain almond milk, then that is equivalent to:

  • 10% for vitamin A
  • 25% for vitamin D
  • 50% for vitamin E

Vitamin A and E act as antioxidants and improve your body’s immunity and protects the cells and tissues from damage. Vitamin A also is important for the maintenance of a good eyesight, skin, and aids in the body’s normal growth and development. It also plays a key role in keeping your bones and teeth strong. The lower content of phosphorus and potassium content is another reason why this milk is so beneficial for sufferers of kidney diseases must stay away from these. It is also loaded with omega fatty acids that come with fish.

Other Benefits

Almond milk is a rich source of nutrients and also prevents critical conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. It is very good for those suffering from diabetes, heart conditions, and helps in increasing muscle power.

Almond Milk with Honey

Now do you want to maximise the benefits of almond milk? We would say, you must stir of teaspoon of honey the next time you are having it. Want to know why? We will give you six solid reasons why you should do that!

Good Sleep

Do you have a sweet tooth? If so, then you would know that excessive consumption of sugar can keep you awake and upset. However, a bit of glucose helps your brain in shutting down orexin which is a neurotransmitter and the primary cause for keeping you awake.

Stay Energised

Add about 2 tablespoons of honey to a glass of almond milk and drink this in the morning every day. It keeps you invigourated and energised throughout the day.

Slows Down the Aging Process

Researchers from all over the world have agreed on the fact that both honey and almond milk have amazing effects not only on your skin, but on your body’s overall health. When combined with honey, almond milk slows down the process of aging by nourishing your body.


Honey and almond milk, together have the potential to fight Staphylococcus. This is the reason why they are believed to come with strong antibacterial properties.


Almond milk is a great solver of many of your digestive problems. It can cure constipation, bloating, and other intestinal problems.

Respiratory Troubles

Cold and cough can be brilliantly cured by almond milk and honey. Without any exaggeration, it can beat any allopathy medicine.

Try this amazing combination and add it to your everyday diet routine to move towards a healthier lifestyle.

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