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5 Wonderful Home Remedies to Reduce Cholesterol Quickly At Home

Having a high cholesterol level is the gateway to a lot of our health problems. The first thing that would strike us is that of heart related diseases. Cholesterol levels can directly affect your heart which can be extremely detrimental for your health. Ever wondered what causes high cholesterol levels? Of course, nobody is born with it! It is our lifestyle choices that lead to this. Those who indulge in foods which are high in saturated fats and do not have adequate physical activities in their lives are more likely to suffer from this health condition.

There are several other factors that can increase the risk of this problem. A few of those factors are obesity, smoking, excessive drinking, narrowing down of arteries with age, genetics, and some underlying conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, and kidney or liver diseases. We have used the word cholesterol several times so far; however, do you know what it actually is? It is nothing but a fatty substance that is present in your blood and is required for building and maintaining cell membranes. It converts sunshine to vitamin D, and performs other functions.

However, a high level of cholesterol (also known as hypercholesterolemia) is considered very unhealthy and can eventually lead to several serious and fatal health problems. This is because when the levels rise high, cholesterol tends to accumulate along the walls of your arteries and this increases the risk of heart diseases. In fact, it is the cholesterol that builds up along the inner walls of our arteries causes the narrowing of your blood vessels. In this article, we will educate you with a few natural ways through which you can reduce your cholesterol level.

Orange Juice

Orange juice is an excellent way of lowering your cholesterol level. A recent study has showed that drinking three glasses of orange juice every day for a month can show a considerable fall in our cholesterol level. Prepare fresh orange juice and drink it every day to see visible results.

Indian Gooseberry or Amla

Amla acts as a natural hypolipidemic agent; in layman’s words, it helps in the reduction of lipid concentrations in the serum. Several studies have showed that it has antihyperlipidemic, anti-atherogenic, and hypolipidemic effects – all of these directly help in reducing cholesterol levels. Just mix one teaspoon of amla powder, or dried and powdered amla, and mix it in a glass of warm water. Drink this concoction every day in the morning on an empty stomach.

Coconut Oil

Even though it might sound a tad unbelievable, coconut oil is considered to be highly beneficial for high cholesterol and is a potent remedy for lowering the levels of the same. In spite of it being a saturated fat, it is very useful for this health condition for it is loaded with lauric acid that helps in increasing HDL (the good cholesterol) and improving the LDL/HDL ratio. You can also include moderate amounts of organic coconut oil to your everyday diet. However, make sure to avoid refined or processed coconut oil.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar also has the potential to lower your cholesterol and triglyceride levels. Along with this, it is also a great natural remedy for several ailments such as acid reflux, high blood pressure, gout, upper respiratory tract infections, etc. When it comes to lowering your cholesterol level, mix one teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar in a glass of water. Drink this solution two to three times a day every day for at least a month. Once you get used to the taste of it, you can increase the amount to two tablespoons per glass of water. You can mix this solution with orange, apple, grape, or other fruit juices if the taste of apple cider vinegar doesn’t go down your throat easily.


Red onions are also great when it comes to dealing with high cholesterol. They help in reducing bad cholesterol from our body and elevate the levels of good cholesterol. This, in turn helps in lowering the risk of the development of various heart diseases. Mix a teaspoon each of onion juice and honey and drink it at least once every day. You can also finely chop an onion and a quarter of pepper and add them to a cup of buttermilk. Mix them properly and consume this drink on a daily basis to see the change in your cholesterol levels. For further benefits, include onion, ginger, and garlic in your diet.

These were the five effective natural remedies to lower your cholesterol level so that you can keep yourself healthy. Treat your body with respect so that it doesn’t give up on you!

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