10 Ways to Fake Thicker Hair, Fuller Hair

Irritated about your everyday lean looks with your thin hair? Worry not when you have these 10 simple ways to fake thicker hair. Follow these simple and less expensive techniques which are good for any texture, and definitely increases the hair volume. So read on! Get that bulk and elegant look on you.

Blow it high up:

One of the easiest ways to fake thicker hair is to blow-dry. Flip your hairs from back to front completely and start blowing heat in the opposite direction of its growth pattern, that is from root to bottom. This will help create volume than blowing in the direction where hairs lay naturally. You can give a good bounce and thickness to the hairs by rolling up the bottom of hairs on a round brush and blowing them for longer time.

Reach out the thickening mousse:

Using a good volumizing mousse, you can boost the body of hairs naturally. Before you start any hair styling, start with the mousse on your damp hair. The thickening polymers bind onto the shaft of hair through which they are temporarily expanded. Some products also strengthen the hair and have UV protection as well.

Roll up some waves:

Setting up the rollers help to get good curls and add volume to your hairs until the next hair wash. Though rollers do not make the hairs automatically thicker, they definitely help to fake the appearance through wavy patterns. The waves in your hairs create an illusion and your hairs appear to be thicker. You will get great compliments from everyone once you wear the wavy hair.

Sleep n Crimp:

A crimped hair appears more bushy in nature. The easiest way to get the perfect crimped hair is to use the hot tools. If you wish not to use them them, You can also get it with a simple trick. The trick is just to sleep the whole night in a well braided hairstyle and brush them the next day morning. For this you have to make as many braids as possible with all your hairs. This works best when done in wet hair. Though it takes a bit long to do this, results are really worth it.

Get the right brush:

Hair brushes come in different shapes and sizes to cater variety of hair types. Round brush is the suitable one for women with fine hair. The small to medium barrel brush is best for short hair and long barrel brush for medium to long hair. Just lift the hairs at the root region with the round brush to lift up hairs and give a bulky look.

Say goodbye to serums:

The serums and leave-in conditioners make your hairs heavy and bring them down. Once you are done with blow-drying, do not pick up the serums immediately, as it kills out the naturalness of your hair. Instead, you can use good texturizing product which comes in powder form and is weightless as well. This allows the hair to absorb the product by instantly liquefying after application.

Hairstyle that creates illusion:

A good balance in the haircut is the key. The heaviness at the bottom and lightness at the top is the best haircut you should opt for a thin hair. The illusion of thick hair can be created by keeping the ends of your hair, blunt. If you have a longer hair, you can choose a layer cut which makes your hair look thicker. The layers will give a good body to your hairs as well as the movement required. Tucking back your hairs behind the ear is also one easy way to fake a thick hair

Tease and spritz the roots:

This is one old technique used to make the hairs appear volumized. Just tease the hair at the roots and spray the area with a good hair product to give more volume at the base. Teasing is a great way to bring the messy look in order to fake thick hair. Always tease it near the crown region to give a lift at the top.

Higher the thicker:

Having a hairstyle which comes down gives a more thinner look. So, choose a hairstyle which is worn up and makes the hair lifted up. Hairstyles like bouffant, hair buns and high ponytails are some of the styles which makes hair look thicker. To enhance the look you can also leave some loose waves in front of the face.

Trick the eyes using hair colors:

Coloring the hair is one of the simplest way to camouflage thin hair. Adding good streaks of hair color makes it appear as if the overall thickness has increased since the style pushes the hair shaft open. So, never fear to streak it.

Wondering about the effectiveness of these simple methods. You need not give a second thought, because these ideas are just coming from the experts mouth. Most of the fine-haired women can be well benefited with these wonderful ways to fake thicker hair. Although it’s highly impossible to thicken each strand of your hairs, faking a thick hair can do all the magic.